Green Energy

Energy from hydropower - green energy

Currently, the most attractive alternative energy sources are hydropower and wind power. Both are emission-free and independent of expensive primary energy such as oil and gas. Water and wind do not have any acquisition price! That is why, beside wind farms, Europe mainly focuses on hydroelectric power plants when it comes to the use of renewable energies. 

Due to the natural conditions, Austria has always been a pioneer in the field of hydroelectric power plants and with regard to the operation of small hydroelectric power plants clearly exceeds the EU-average. In many other countries, there is substantial potential to further expand hydropower.

Hydropower is efficiently usable, where the descent of the river and the amount of precipitation are sufficient. These factors ensure an economic operation also without government subsidies.  

Advantages of hydroelectric power plants compared to other technologies

  • No CO2-emission
  • 100 % use of renewable resource water
  • Independence of primary energy sources
  • Regional independent energy supply
  • Water is a storable resource
  • Relatively low investments compared to other power plants
  • Short construction phases particularly for small hydroelectric power plants
  • Even small power plants may be operated profitably
  • Low maintenance costs through full automation
  • High reliability / high availability
  • No disposal costs