Asset Manager

enso GmbH serves as enso hydro’s asset manager for all of its hydroelectric power plants. Beginning with the selection of suitable projects in the target areas enso GmbH, upon approval by enso hydro, manages all tasks related to the acquisition and coordinates the entire planning process as well as the construction of the power plant. Upon completion of the power plant facilities enso GmbH assumes operational management and ensures the feed-in to the grid. 

enso GmbH consists of a team of experts from the energy and finance sectors. Besides their competence and know-how in technical and finance issues the staff, due to their many years of experience, can draw on important contacts and an extensive network in Austria as well as in enso hydro’s target markets.

enso GmbH originated from “enso Energie-Netzwerk Südost” (Energy Network Southeast), founded in 1999. From 2004 to 2009, it was in the sole ownership of the Frizberg family who has been operating hydroelectric power plants since 1902. In that period of time, the company focused on energy and infrastructure projects in the successor states of former Yugoslavia and Turkey. Since 2010 the company has been operating under the name of enso GmbH with an exclusive focus on asset management of hydroelectric power plants and –portfolios.

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